In every edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA, we take time to decide on the Featured Photo. We pick them from the internet on fair use. For our 8th edition, we initially picked photo A. Initially, the registration conversation rate (how many visit the page and how many register, weekly) did not do well, but we did not know the specific reason. We had compared the rate of the same time last year (and last edition) to the current ; edition 8 was underperforming.
Then, our team member suggested we change the photo with B. They did and within a week, the conversion rate improved significantly. That improvement remains sustained.
Good People, do not run a digital business on guesswork. Form a habit of measuring things because if you do not measure, you cannot improve. The Igbo Nation will say that “uwa bu ahia” [the world is a market]. Interestingly, only those who understand what the market needs thrive.
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Measure., Improve. Advance. You can check live photo B here  .
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Ndubuisi Ekekwe, PhD, Chairman of FASMICRO Group, is the Lead Faculty in Tekedia Mini-MBA. He writes regularly in the Harvard Business Review. Email: [email protected]

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