There's never been a better time for Americans in search of work, as job openings hit a record high last month. But there's a swelling sense of dread among employees of companies whose payrolls have been heavily subsidized by venture capitalists.
Why it matters: Layoffs are something that, once begun, tend to snowball. Same goes for hiring freezes.
What to know: This isn't about any particular industry, as bloat has spread throughout startup-land.
Big picture: A lot of this is about companies that never thought the VC gravy train would slow. And VCs who had record amounts of capital to push out the door (no new funds, no new fees).
The bottom line: If you're among those looking for a new job and are partial to niche media, ring up Philip Kaplan and see if you can strike a deal for this. It may soon be tech's best growth opportunity.


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