May 7, 2022
Joshua Leavitt sits in front of his dream antique car in Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. (Photo Provided)
PARKERSBURG — Joshua Leavitt, a senior at Parkersburg South High School, plans to study aerospace engineering in college.
“I have been interested in aerospace engineering since I was little, as I have always been in love with anything that flies but especially anything that goes into space, and to be able to learn how spacecrafts and satellites and anything space related works would be amazing,” he said.
Leavitt said he recently received admission to his dream school, Virginia Tech. He said he would like to study aerospace engineering, as well as business information technology.
“I have also loved the digital age that we have come to and to be able to learn business, but from the computer science and technology standpoint,” he said. “I believe it would give me an edge in the new and coming digital business age.”
Leavitt said his dream is to one day be an engineer or executive for any kind of company dealing with space.
From left, Joshua Leavitt and Tyson Maze, his best friend, get ready to ride jet skis at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. (Photo Provided)
“The thought that space is this endless void with the most beautiful scenery mankind can experience along with infinite possibilities is fascinating,” he said. “The fact that when you look into space and you are looking back in time millions of years due to stars showing light from millions of years ago is stomach twisting but in the best way possible.”
Leavitt said he wants to one day travel to space and do a space walk. He also said he wants to work outside of space stations to fix them, as well as satellites.
“It has always been my dream to see our little blue planet from miles and miles in the sky with the feeling of zero gravity and only a line of fabric holding me from drifting into the never-ending void,” he said.
Leavitt has a 3.8 GPA, and said it has been hard keeping his study habits up due to the pandemic.
“So what I do is I just keep pushing, because I know it’s not going to get better and the only way that I can get to the point of it being where it used to be is through hard work and perseverance,” he said.
Joshua Leavitt talks to his coaches during a swim meet at Brooke High School. (Photo Provided)
Leavitt said he enjoys his English and chemistry courses in school. He said he also takes as many AP courses as possible. This year he is taking AP dual credit Government, AP dual credit Literature and dual credit Sociology.
Leavitt is a member of Parkersburg South’s choir and swim team. He said he started choir when he was 6 years old.
“I enjoy choir because I love the sound and feeling of human voices coming together to create beautiful music,” he said.
Leavitt said he wouldn’t trade his experiences for anything, especially being able to go to WV All-State choir for the past six years.
Leavitt said his time on the swim team has meant a lot to him and he would not have the friends he has today, nor the experiences without it.
In his spare time, Leavitt works at his family’s business, Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory. He said he also enjoys working out and playing the guitar.
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