Midland College Aviation Maintenance program
The reality of the Midland College Aviation Maintenance Technology program closure has recently been brought to my attention. I have heard rumors of it over the last year or so but did not realize how close to permanent this decision has become.
I graduated from the program in 2013 and obtained my FAA A&P license through resources provided solely from the dedicated instructors at Midland College. Without this program my career would be nothing close to what it has become today. I owe a great debt and gratitude to the people that this program introduced into my life.
The aviation industry has been struggling recently, especially over the last two years. The need for qualified mechanics is growing and without economic options, like Midland College AMT program, for individuals to gain the qualification needed to join this industry, aviation will be left with few options in the future. I am currently managing Air King Aviation Services, a local aviation company here in Midland. We provide maintenance for small general aviation aircraft, corporate turbine aircraft as well as the commercial airlines — the ones that families like yours travel on.
I have experienced the shortage firsthand. My need for licensed mechanics is growing every day, and the number of individuals in the area qualified to do this work is growing smaller and smaller. With the closure of this program there is even less hope for improvement in the future.
I grew up in Midland, graduated from a local high school and pursued a career in aviation, not only because it was a passion of mine but because Midland College offered exactly what I was looking for. I don’t think I need to explain the difficulty in convincing people that Midland is a place that they should call home. It is difficult enough as it is to compete financially with the larger aviation companies in the Dallas and Houston areas. That is why this program is so important to local aviation companies. We need employees that are rooted in Midland. Ninety percent of my workforce grew up in this area, just like I did and most of us went through the program at Midland College.
The need for this program is real, and I cannot let this closure happen without voicing my opinion. I have seen other programs like this and worked with people that went to other schools. The dedication and the true sense of passion that you feel from the instructors is something that can’t be replaced. The level of knowledge that the students leave with is a perfect foundation for rapid growth in this industry. It would be such a shame to see a program like this come to an end.
I hope this letter finds its way to the hands of someone that can disrupt this end to a great resource this community is about to lose.


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