Are you looking for a new role?
Growing Lincoln software company PageTiger is searching for software developers, testers, digital designers and finance assistants to join their growing family.
All the roles are open for applications on The Lincolnite Job Board, with local and regional talent invited to apply.
Established in 2009, PageTiger is one of the leading companies for designing interactive digital documents. The company was co-founded by Henry Weston and Oliver Gurnell, who had a vision of producing a service where people without digital skills could create engaging interactive documents with ease.
Oliver said: “Like many bootstrapped start-ups progress was slow initially, however fast forwarding a few years we now have more than 500 organisations across more than 30 countries using PageTiger with new customers coming on board daily.
“Many of these are global brands we all know and from a diverse range of industry sectors which has provided us great stability in recent times.”
CTO and Co-founder, Oliver Gurnell. | Photo: Steve Smailes
“We’ve had a busy time since opening our first Lincoln office at The Terrace in 2015 when we took on our first Lincoln based employees. Since then we’ve built our own world class web browser based design tool and whole host of features to nurture and support our enterprise customers. In 2017 we were lucky enough to relocate to some larger office space in the Think Tank on the university campus where we have flourished.
“The Lincoln team has now grown to 14 (doubling since the beginning of the pandemic) and now includes software development, infrastructure, support, creative services, information security and finance. We’re very proud of the fact that with the exception of just the two people, everybody who has joined our family is still with us, driving our business forwards and having a fun time doing it.”
PageTiger has ambitious projects in the pipeline for the coming year and is looking to extend its team by recruiting additional software developers, testers, creatives, support agents and finance assistance to help with our expansion in Europe and North America.
“Thankfully Lincoln is brimming with excellent people and we have been lucky to accrue a small group of exceptionally talented and humble individuals,” said Oliver.
“To continue with our sustained growth we are currently recruiting for a further four positions with plans for further recruitment during 2022. Our mission is to be the preferred solution for all our customers’ digital documents and we are working tirelessly to make this happen.”
For more information on the positions available, please visit
PageTiger are based in Think Tank. | Photo: Steve Smailes
| Photo: Steve Smailes
| Photo: Steve Smailes
| Photo: Steve Smailes
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“All we have left of our little one are memories and it feels like someone has stolen them”
Gemma Roberts-Fox and her husband Andy had their truck stolen, and there was a photo of their baby son Koa-James inside. | Photo: Gemma Roberts-Fox
A couple who saw their vehicle stolen from their driveway are pleading to get it back, as it contained a sentimental photograph of their baby son who recently died.
Gemma Roberts-Fox and her husband Andy, who live in Stow, were hit with devastating news at the end of last year, when their son Koa-James died of fetal abnormalities on December 22.
Koa-James had severe heart and kidney defects, as well as a cystic hygroma as a result of Gemma being undiagnosed as diabetic, which affected her pregnancy and ultimately left her son with conditions that proved fatal.
To remember him, a photograph of Koa-James was placed atop his casket at his funeral, and that photograph was then kept in Andy’s recovery truck so he could remember his son forever.
However, overnight on Monday, March 14, between 11pm and 6am, the recovery truck was stolen from Andy and Gemma’s driveway, with the precious photo of their son inside.
The couple are now pleading with whoever stole the truck to give back the picture, which is their lasting memory of Koa-James.
The truck was taken from Gemma and Andy’s driveway overnight. | Photo: Gemma Roberts-Fox
Gemma told The Lincolnite: “Last night the truck was stolen from outside our home so now someone is in possession of the incredibly sentimental photo of our son and we are simply devastated.
“The thought of his photo being disregarded or passed around for people to see is as hard as his death was. We’re not bothered about the truck, that can be replaced but the photo of our son can’t.
“It’s the photo that’s upset us more than anything. All we have left of our little one now are memories and it feels like someone has stolen them away from us too, knowing that his photo that was on his casket has gone and is potentially in some unsavoury hands.
“They must be unsavoury to steal in the first instance but to have our beautiful boy Koa-James involved too is absolutely devastating.
“Is there anything you can do to help us try to get our little boys photo back with us? Please, we’re devastated.”
If you have any information on the whereabouts of the stolen truck, a blue Ford Transit, call Lincolnshire Police on 101 and quote incident 30 of March 15.
New acute assessment units approved for Grimsby and Scunthorpe hospitals
Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre Credits: Google Approved for use by all partners
New multi-million-pound acute assessment units will be built in Grimsby and Scunthorpe hospitals in plans to transform emergency care.
The units will aim to ensure that people can be diagnosed and receive the correct help quickly.
Patients will be less likely to be admitted unnecessarily, and should be able to be discharged quicker.
Some £24.9 million in funding has been provided by the Department of Health.
The units will be built in the hospitals’ existing emergency departments, and will also house the Same Day Emergency Care services.
Construction will begin once the new emergency departments are finished.
Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust says they will make a big difference to the area’s patients.
Dr Anwer Qureshi, Divisional Medical Director of Medicine, said: “We have already made significant progress on constructing the new emergency departments, which will be used to provide care to you if you are seriously injured or ill.
“These facilities will also be hosting our urgent care services where you will be managed by our skilled practitioners for an urgent but non-life threatening injury or illness.
“Having this final phase of funding approved will allow us to complement these units with our Acute Assessment Units and short stay wards, all on one floor.
“These AAUs will be staffed by expert clinicians trained in a wide variety of skills. This will allow us to see and diagnose you more quickly and get you on the right course of treatment, without necessarily having to admit you to a ward in the first instance.
“As a result, it’s less likely that clinically stable patients will need to be admitted and, if you are, you will probably spend less time in hospital.”
“It is a joint effort for which I am grateful to the ED, Acute Medicine, Surgical specialties and Family Services teams at NLaG. Together, we have already updated and implemented processes and pathways based on best practice, which will swiftly move us into the use of the new facilities when available, setting an example in the region”.
Mike Simpson, Programme Director and Associate Director of Strategic Development, said: “These plans have been almost three years in the making and I am delighted that they have now been given the final seal of approval.
“These new units will make a huge difference to the communities of Northern Lincolnshire and our staff.
“Construction will begin once our new emergency departments have been completed and the teams move out of the current ED space.
“It was hugely important to me that frontline clinical staff were involved in the development of our plans from the very start of the process, to ensure that what we build provides them with the right set of facilities and equipment they need to meet the increasing demand they face and give you excellent standards of care.
“Clinical staff will continue to be involved throughout the construction of the facilities, advising on everything from the layout detail whilst they are being built, to the décor, equipment and fixtures – ensuring every choice is made with your needs in mind.”
The frontline hospital team is also excited about the development.
“The new department will bring new recruitment opportunities as we are now offering an attractive place to work, with investment in staff development and training,” they said.
“There will be excellent career development pathways for all staff, as well as new equipment, technology and digital improvements.
“The new department will also provide a great learning environment for student nurses, doctors and newly qualified nurses, developing and retaining workforce for the future.”
How much it costs to open everything from a sex cinema to a bingo hall v.1
NELC has purchased 3-15 Osborne Street | Credit: NELC
The cost of getting a licence for dozens of businesses in North East Lincolnshire– from zoos to betting shops – is set to go up.
The council has released its proposed fees for all manner of licences over the next year.
People running various businesses, from doggie daycare centres and bingo halls to sex shops and scrap metal collections, are required to get the official licence to ensure they are fit and are following the law.
Even some private activities, like owning a dangerous wild animal, need a licence.
Not surprisingly, some of these ventures are not cheap to get approval for, with opening a zoo and running a sex cinema having a particularly high cost.
North East Lincolnshire Council has released its proposed fees over the next year to cover the cost of reviewing and administering licences.
If you have ever dreamed of opening your own zoo or a dog kennels, here is what it would cost to get approved.
Keeping dangerous wild animals – £429
Zoos – £936
Home boarding of dogs – £411
Arranging home boarding of dogs – £460 plus £244 per additional host
Day care of dogs – £392
Animal boarding – £440
Dog breeding – £538
Hiring out horses – £538
Sales of animals – £431
Exhibiting or performing animals – £411
Sex entertainment venues with live performances – £1794
Sex cinemas – £1794
Sex shops – £1794
Bingo premises – £987
Adult gaming centre – £987
Family entertainment centre – £987
Betting premises – £987
Site licence – £560
Additional sites – £312 each
Collector licence – £400
New drivers licence (three years) – £282
Vehicle inspection – £39
The new fees will go to the Licensing and Community Protection Committee for confirmation on Tuesday, March 15.
If approved, the new costs would come into force some time in 2022.


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