Republicans are upping their investments in GOP tech startups as operatives try to make the party more technologically self-sufficient, Axios has learned.
Why it matters: Political campaigning is a multibillion-dollar industry, and both parties are pouring money into products tailor-made to winning elections that can ween their campaigns off of legacy technology.
Driving the news: Startup Caucus, a Republican technology investment fund, just raised $500,000 for its second round of investment in early-stage tech startups.
What they're saying: “It’s no secret that Democrats have traditionally held an advantage in political technology innovation, and Startup Caucus is working tirelessly to narrow that gap in a crucial midterm election cycle,” Wilson said in a statement.
The big picture: Startup Caucus is trying to address what Republican technologists say is an urgent need to craft products designed specifically for GOP campaigns.
Between the lines: Massive growth in political spending by both parties in recent years also makes for a particularly appealing business opportunity.


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