Driven by a need amongst service teams to connect to customers with intelligence, empathy, and the right information, Danish customer support innovator Dixa has acquired Lyon-based analytics firm Miuros and Berlin-based automation company Solvemate.
The double acquisition is valued at $43 million and strengthens its long-term vision to set a new standard in experience and data-driven conversational customer service.
The announcement follows a period of rapid growth in 2021, which included a $105 million Series C funding round, an expansion into the US and the $15 million acquisition of Elevio. The company has raised $155 million in funding to date.
While Solvemate builds in a powerful self-service layer into the platform that ensures brands can create a painless customer experience with the power of AI, Miuros helps brands turn customer data into actionable insights with AI-powered analytics, quality assurance and automation.
The double deal, thus, will enable Dixa to harness the power of technology and gain a better, more comprehensive understanding of the service function. Mads Fosselius, co-founder and CEO, Dixa said: “The addition of both these firms will allow service leaders to leverage data on a new scale for automation, measurement and insights from a single platform, setting an entirely new standard in data-driven customer service.” Going forward, the startup will roll out Dixa Messenger this March.
Erik Pfannmöller, co-founder and CEO, Solvemate added: “Powered by smart conversational AI, Solvemate allows brands to create highly personalised chatbot conversations at scale, guiding customers to find answers when they need them. Reducing the number of common, repetitive requests handled by agents means that service teams can focus their expertise where it matters most: solving the more complex cases which require a human touch.”
Benoit Gagnon, co-founder and CEO, Miuros said: “By adding our analytics capabilities, service leaders will now be able to optimise their operations through AI and obtain actionable insights, without needing to stitch together multiple siloed solutions.” 
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