Patricia Arquette fears the ever-increasing influence of technology.
The 53-year-old actress stars in sci-fi thriller series ‘Severance’, which explores the impact of technology on our everyday lives, and Patricia admits that the trend “scares” her.
She explained: “I know people are working on very strange things with hybrids of human beings and technology.
“Elon Musk is doing some experimentation. People are cloning things, trying to bring mammoths back from the dead, micro robot surgery. Right now anything’s possible, so buckle your seatbelts, we’re all on this crazy ride.”
Asked whether the ride excites or scares her, Patricia replied: “I think it scares me. I’m not very trusting with how quickly we’re moving through all of this.
“Our information is everywhere.”
Patricia worries for young people in particular, and suggested that their social skills are already being eroded by the influence of technology.
The actress – who stars in the show alongside Christopher Walken, Adam Scott and Zach Cherry – told the Guardian newspaper: “I know there’s going be this Metaverse, but I don’t know what it’s going to be like for young people. They’re already so much in their own homes, playing games.
“I’m hearing from a lot of people that kids are having a hard time. They have anxiety learning how to bond with each other and be resilient, because they just feel safer at home on a device and not having real face-to-face experiences.
“So that’s the scariest thing. I don’t want kids to miss out on becoming resilient. Yeah, you get your heart broken, but it’s OK. Sometimes your friend says something really crappy and you don’t want to be friends with them, and that’s OK. And sometimes you don’t feel beautiful or handsome – that’s OK, too.”
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