July 21, 2021
It’s difficult to understand just how much goes into running a business until you actually do it yourself. But with the evolution of digital commerce comes increased opportunity for automation, making it possible for creators to run everyday operations with limited manpower. 
Emmy is an Adweek staff writer covering ad agencies.
tiktok shopping kylie cosmetics

TikTok Users Can Now Shop Inside the App

By Emmy Liederman

Narrative data platform

Tech Platform Introduces Online Store for Buying and Selling Data

By Emmy Liederman


This Ecommerce Platform Offers Consumers What Amazon Can’t: Sustainable Convenience

By Emmy Liederman

card clout
Sports Marketing

Sports Trading Cards Are Trending, and eBay Wants To Do More Than Facilitate Transactions

By Emmy Liederman

Organize and Leverage Your Measurement Toolbox

Connected TV Enables Effective Audience-First Advertising

Subscriber Onboarding and Engagement Done Right

Maximize the Value of First-Party Data for Today and Tomorrow

How CTV Advertising Can Bypass Digital Media’s Awkward Teenage Years

By Joe Doran

Tools to Create Dynamic Global Campaigns Better and Faster

By Deepti Velury

The Drive to First-Party Data

By Permutive

How Bots and Fake Users Are Poisoning Your Marketing Campaigns


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