Leaders throughout Birmingham have emphasized over the past several years that investing in and supporting local entrepreneurship will help the metro area succeed. 
The Birmingham Business Journal wants to play its part in helping get startups in front of the community, and it will do this through Alabama Inno’s inaugural Inno Madness program. 
The bracket-style competition is designed to generate awareness and excitement for the city’s innovation ecosystem and those who are driving it forward. 
Starting March 7, anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to vote in Alabama Inno’s competition on our website. 
Private, tech-enabled and innovative businesses were nominated, made the cut and have been assembled into brackets. The first bracket will feature 16 companies from around the state, and people can vote from 11 a.m. March 7 through 9 a.m. March 14. Then the next round starts with the eight winning companies. After four rounds of voting take place over four full weeks, we will have an overall winner. 
Companies involved in the competition are Feast Bham, SwiftSku, Conserv, Immediate, Deuce Drone, GoodJob, Vulcan Line Tools, University Fancards, Krishna Beach Express, Agile Biodetection, WaveLink, Wyndy, Prismm, Con.doit and Dippi. 
While the only prizes for certain are bragging rights and good, old-fashioned positive publicity, those certainly aren’t the only takeaways. 
This competition features some of the fastest-growing startups in Alabama, and they all represent different industries. These companies can be providers for your business. They might also be your next investment through a quality capital infusion. You might like what you see about a company and refer them to a friend or business owner. 
Having a great idea and product is critical in any startup or entrepreneurial venture. Obtaining funds early in the process and attracting investors are also important elements. 
While many other states, cities and regions may enjoy a large venture capital cash pool, Alabama is a little less fortunate. There is some venture capital and regional funding activity from larger investors, but many startups in the state are reliant on early angel investments and pools from friends and family to receive that initial boost of cash.
That’s where Inno Madness can come into play every year. Let’s gain attention and angel investment traction in Alabama, and let’s share these brackets far and wide to show off the quality innovation ecosystem we have in the state. 
Let’s bring in dollars. 
Let’s bring in positive vibes for Alabama. 
Let the games begin.
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